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General Rules


Show Chairman: Layne Bode 
Show Co-Chairman: Skyler Wagner

  1. Ethics rule:  Each exhibitor, their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) agree to abide by the general and special rules published in the current years livestock catalog and/or amendments available at each tag-in.  Any violation of these rules or any exhibitor and/or parent(s) or guardian(s) found to have participated in unethical practice (I.E. (1) Approaching buyers for the purpose of asking to exchange, return, or purchase any sale item(s), (2) the showing of any animal that has been administered any unapproved/unlabeled medication, including drenching) will forfeit all privileges, awards, premiums won, and will be barred from exhibiting at further Dayton FFA Livestock Shows.
  2. All exhibitors must possess active membership from October 1 through May 15 in the Dayton FFA Chapter or active 4-H clubs within the Dayton ISD.  No spring membership could be paid in order to show students must meet membership and fundraiser requirements to show. 4-H Members must attend 50% of eligible meetings with their respective organization in order to participate in the Dayton FFA Livestock Show.  Dayton FFA members must attend 7 out of 9 meetings.
  3. Animals must be kept on the exhibitor’s premises unless written permission is requested and granted by the Dayton FFA Chapter. 
  4. Animals entered in either market or breeding divisions, must be exhibited by the owner unless the exhibitor has more than one animal entered in the same class or there is approval by the show committee.
  5. All exhibitors must be eligible under current U.I.L. rules and be in good standing with their school and FFA chapter or 4-H club in order to be eligible to show and/or sell.
  6. Failure to comply with any rule set forth by the show will result in banishment from the show for the current year and for an unspecified amount of time.  This will also result in the loss of awards, premiums, and/or sales from the current year’s show.
  7. Exhibitors are subject to the guidelines set forth by these general rules and the rules of the respective division(s) for which they are entered.
  8. All times for entry, weigh-in and release will follow the schedule of events.
  9. All exhibitors will be required to wear proper show attire. Proper show attire will follow the Texas FFA CDE rules ( eg. collared shirt, long pants and closed toed shoes).
  10. All exhibitors must wear a number if directed while exhibiting.
  11. In divisions, which have a showmanship contest, all participating exhibitors must own the animal they are exhibiting, and are not allowed to exhibit the animal of another exhibitor.  Animals in the showmanship contest must be entered in their respective division.
  12. In divisions that have a senior or junior showmanship contest; a senior is considered 9th-12th grade and a junior is considered 8thgrade and under.
  13. The judge’s decision will be final in all divisions.
  14. All livestock should be in their stalls between the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM and back in their stalls by 7:00 PM, with the exception of each divisions specific show day.
  15. No one is allowed in the barns after 12:00 midnight.
  16. Cattle barn rules-  Only pelleted shavings will be allowed in the cattle barn.
  17. Health papers are subject to state requirements 
  18. No overnight camping on premises.
  19. All livestock trailers will enter on Winfree Street. These trailers must be parked in the designated trailer parking area.
  20. Absolutely no alcohol on the grounds at any time. Any alcohol found on the grounds will result in immediate eviction of the trailer and/or vehicle as well as the guilty parties from the ground.
  21. The Dayton FFA Chapter, Dayton ISD, or any connection there is not responsible for any losses, damages, theft, etc.
  22. Dayton ISD, acting through its security resource officers, agents, or employees maintain the rights to search any trailer or vehicle at any time while on the property owned or possessed by the Dayton Independent School District.
  23. Market divisions are open only to members of the Dayton FFA Chapter or active 4-H clubs within the Dayton ISD who are currently enrolled in and attending a school within the Dayton Independent School District. Students enrolled in a private or charter school within the Dayton ISD must also reside within the Dayton ISD to be eligible to show.
  24. All high school (9th – 12th grades) exhibitors must work at least 16 hours at the Dayton FFA Arena.  All other exhibitors (8th grade and under) will perform trash pick-up duties each day of the show as specified by the leader of their 4-H club in order to participate in the Dayton Livestock Show Market Divisions.
  25. All exhibitors in the same family, after paying the entry fee, may show one of the animals entered under the family plan.  All exhibitor names must be included in the family plan.  At least one animal per child in the family plan.
  26. Eligible market exhibitors may enter more than one animal, but show only one.  Exhibitors must declare which animal they will show prior to crossing the official scales at the show.
  27. All 4-H and FFA members participating in the market division will be required to sell a minimum of ten raffle tickets, which benefit the Sales Committee, in order to participate in the Dayton FFA Livestock Show.  Raffle tickets and work hours must be completed by the Saturday prior to the show.
  28. All members eligible may not exhibit an animal in a market division if they participated in the most recent Cleveland Livestock Show and Dairy Day with a market animal.
  29. All market animals are prohibited from being administered illegal drugs and/or substances and are subject to testing for the use of such illegal drugs and/or substances, this includes but not limited to drenching.
  30. Only a licensed veterinarian may administer medications (including but not limited to injectables) given on Dayton FFA Show grounds.
  31. On the Sunday of the show week, every market exhibitor (or a representative) will be required to clean the show facilities.  Exhibitors will be required to check in between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. and cannot leave until the agriscience teachers have deemed the facilities clean.  Those failing to do so will have a deduction of 10% taken out of the exhibitors check.
  32. The Dayton FFA Chapter Advisors have the rights to interpret all rules.
  33. Up to three (3) sales committees members, Dayton FFA Advisors and the two (2) highest ranking FFA officers not involved shall decide on circumstances that may arise that are not addressed.


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