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Breeding Beef

Chairman: Sadie West
Advisor:  Jake Walker


1.      This division is subject to all rules under the general rules.


2.       All entries must be postmarked by May 5th of the show year.   Entries should be mailed to Dayton FFA Chapter, P.O.  Box 427, Dayton, Texas 77535.  Entry fee will be $20.00 per head. A $20.00 late fee will be added to all entries postmarked after May 1st. A copy of registration papers must be mailed in with entries at this time. 

            3.      All livestock must be owned and shown by the exhibitor unless there is more than one entry by that         exhibitor in the class.


4.      Classes will be formed at the discretion of the show chairman.


5.      Heifers will be shown in the following divisions:


6.      All animals must be halter broken and shown in the show ring.  All bulls over 12 months old must be shown with a nose ring.


7.      Exhibitors will be responsible for feed, feeding and watering equipment, and keeping stalls clean.


8. Tie racks will be provided.  No overnight tying outside the show barn.

9. Only pelleted shavings will be allowed in the barn.


9. Stall awards will be presented to the organization with the best-kept stalls.


11. All breeding beef will be released Friday following the show.

12.  No unregistered bulls may be shown.

13. All heifers will be broken by breed regardless of number present. Less than 5 head per breed will be shown in 1 combined class, 6 or more head per breed will be broken into the following classes: 

Class 1: September 1, 2018 and after
Class 2: May 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018
Class 3: January 1, 2017 - April 31, 2018
Class 4: June 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
Class 5: January 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017
Class 6: September 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016

*Please note the new class breaks will apply to bulls as well. 


Breeding Beef Entry Form Kelly Padgett 3/25/2019 118 KB



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