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Market Goats

Chairman: Hunter Muskiet
Advisor:  Paul Schwander


  1. The market goat division is subject to all rules listed under the general rules.
  2. An entry fee of $20.00 is due at the time of the small animal tag-in.
  3. This division is open to any breed or crossbred wethers or nannies goat may be shown.
  4. Goats must be dehorned or their horns must be tipped at the time of tag-in.  Ends of the tipped horns must be no smaller than the diameter of a dime at the time of the check-in.
  5. Qualifying weights are 60 pounds to 125 pounds with a five (5) pounds weight tolerance.  All goats must be in line to weigh-in at 7:00 p.m.  Goats will be weighed only once.  It is recommended that the goat be properly groomed – which includes clipping.
  6. All goats will be shown in one class unless deemed necessary by the market goat committee chairman.  If determined by the committee chairman, classes will be divided with approximately the same number of animals in each class.
  7. Each exhibitor must be able to show his/her goat unassisted.  Collars are suggested during the judging and the showmanship contest. Bracing of goats during the show will be left to the discretion of the judge. Exhibitors may use collars, chains, or halters to show in. 
  8. Market goat showmanship will be divided into a junior and senior class. One showman from each class will be selected.
  9. No show aids other than soap and water will be allowed.  Violators will not be permitted to show their goat.


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