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Youth Auction Rules
  1. No P.O. (Pull Out) rights after an animal is selected for auction.

  2. Reserve Champion animals in the auction may not be sold for the same as, or more than, the Grand Champion in the respective market division. No other animal of the same division in the auction, including barn sale, may sell for more than the Reserve Champion (including all sources).

  3. Exhibitors missing their turn in the regular auction will be sold at the conclusion of the auction.

  4. All market division exhibitors will be charged a 6% sales commission. Exhibitors in the auction will also be charged for a buyer's BBQ ticket, photo, and/or postage.

  5. No barn sale or any animal may be made prior to the conclusion of the auction without the knowledge of a Dayton FFA Advisor. Any agreement or proof of such sales will result in the exhibitor being declared ineligible for the next show and/or a fine as determined by the Dayton FFA Chapter.

  6. No soliciting of barn sale buyers on the show grounds at any time throughout the show.

  7. Exhibitors must be in the show ring at the conclusion of the auction if they wish to sell their animals out of the barn.

  8. All exhibitors selling a market animal through the youth auction or barn sale must complete thank you letter(s). Exhibitors will be provided thank you cards and must turn them in prior to check out on sunday clean-up.  Any thank you letters turned in after this date will result in a penalty of 10% taken from the student's auction check. No check will be issued before June 15.

  9. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to assure their animal is properly delivered to the buyer or disbursed to the packer. All broilers and rabbits sold through the auction must be dressed by the seller and delivered to the buyer within one week of the Sunday of the show. Students must show proof that broilers or rabbits have been delivered to the buyer before receiving their auction check.

  10. The Youth Auction will include the following items:

20 Market Steers (or 60%) of market steer show             
10 Goats (or 60%) of market goat show
5 Commercial heifers (or 60%) Commercial Heifer show 
5 Market Broilers (or 60%) of Market Broiler Show
30 Market Hogs (or 60%) of Market Swine Show
5 Market Rabbits (or 60%) of Market Rabbit Show
2 Ag Mechanics Projects 
The Sales Committee reserves the right to increase the sale numbers.



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