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Market Swine

Chairman:  Hallee Cognata
Advisor:  Paul Schwander


  1. The market swine division is subject to all rules listed under the general rules.
  2. An entry of $20.00 is due at the time of small animal tag-in. Ear notches must be recorded on the original entry form and are subject to review at any time by the Agricultural Science Teachers. Any notches not matching will be disqualified from the show.
  3. Any breed or crossbred barrow or gilt may be exhibited, but must be of show quality.
  4. Hogs must be owned and fed by the exhibitor under the supervision of the agriscience instructor or 4-H swine leader.
  5. Hogs will be weighed-in from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on the Wednesday of the show week. Hogs must weigh-in on official scales to be eligible to show.  Hogs not making weight will have the opportunity to be backed off the scales, scales will be checked for balance, and the hog will be reweighed immediately.  Qualifying weights are 220 to 280 pounds with a five (5) pound weight tolerance. No prelim scales will be used.  Exhibitors may only cross the official scales at the time of weigh in. 
  6. Hogs that are not unloaded before 7:00 p.m. will not be allowed to weigh-in and will be released immediately.  Hogs that do not make the weigh-in will be released immediately following the weigh-in.
  7. Absolutely no shots or any other type of aids may be given to hogs in order for them to make the weigh-in.  Hogs must be in show condition at the time of the weigh-in.  No drenching will be allowed.
  8. All hogs in the show must remain on the grounds until the Sunday after the show.
  9. No feed or feed buckets in aisle(s).  No hay or shavings allowed in pen.
  10. Market Hog showmanship will be divided into a junior and senior showmanship.  One showman from each division will be selected.
  11. No show aids other than soap and water will be allowed on the day of the show.  Violators will not be permitted to show their pig.


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