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Commercial Heifers

Chairman:  Harley Wagner
Advisor:  Jessica Armentor


 The commercial heifer division is subject to all rules listed under the general rules.   
  1. An entry fee of $20.00 is due at the time of the large animal tag-in.  Commercial heifers will be weighed tag-in, mid weigh-in and again on the Wednesday of the show week. Heifers will show according to their final show weight. 
  2. Crossbred heifers are desired but purebred heifers will be permitted to show. Commercial heifers may not be shown in a market show prior to the tag-in, but will be allowed to show at prospect shows only.  Any heifer exhibiting in the Commercial Heifer Show will be allowed to compete in the Dayton Livestock Show Breeding Beef Show.
  3. Exhibitors must own the heifer 100% throughout the feeding period.  It should be kept at their facility, or other committee-approved facility, and without any aid or assistance other than that of Liberty County Extension Agents, Ag-Science Teacher and/or 4-H Adult Leader. Violation will cause the exhibitor to forfeit all rights to show in the Commercial Heifer Show. Any exhibitor leaving the county with their heifer during the feeding period, for purpose other than show,  must receive permission by an Ag-Science Teacher/Committee.  (See General Rules)
  4. Heifers must be born in Liberty County.  Proof of Affidavit must be presented at the time of tag-in.  Heifers must be owned from birth and raised by the seller. Note: No third party ownership heifers will be allowed in this show.
  5. A signed statement from the breeder as to age and date of purchase of the heifer, vaccination verification Brucellosis and proper health papers as set forth by the Animal Health Commission must be present at the tag in.
  6. All heifers must be born January 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018.  The heifer’s birth date must be on the Proof of Affidavit.
  7. All commercial heifers must be weighed-in at the mid weigh-in. Commercial heifers must be halter broke and dehorned or may be sifted by three (3) members of the sales committee.
  8. All commercial heifers must be halter broken and shown in the show ring unassisted at show time. This rule shall be clarified as follows: if a steer breaks away from the exhibitor twice, without being provoked (as determined by a panel consisting of the show judge, advisors/agents, and the sales committee), then it shall be moved to the bottom of the placing order.
  9. Prior to the arrival of the show, heifers may be clipped if owner desires.  No grooming aides (adhesives, paints, oils, conditioners, etc..) will be allowed on show premises.  Only water and soap will be allowed on show day.
  10.  Market cattle showmanship will be divided into a junior and senior class.  One showman from each class will be selected.   




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