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Market Broilers

Chairman: Tyler Werner   
Advisor:  Rainge Armentor


  1. The market broiler division is subject to all rules listed under the general rules.
  2. Broilers must be ordered from the Dayton FFA Chapter.  The broilers will be sold in groups of 25.  Exhibitors must order a minimum of 25 birds per exhibitor.  An entry fee of $20.00 must also be paid at small animal tag-in.
  3. Straight run will be ordered, all from the same place.  Pullets or cockerels may be shown in the show.
  4. Each exhibitor will be limited to one pen in the show or auction.  A pen will consist of three (3) broilers.
  5. Each pen will go through a quality sift from 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. on the Wednesday of the show.  Exhibitors will be allowed four (4) broilers to be quality sifted per pen.  The sift will include bruises, blisters, inferior birds, etc... 
  6. The broiler show will begin promptly at the completion of the quality sift on the Wednesday of the show week.


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