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Market Steers

Chairman: Harley Wagner

Advisor: Jessica Armentor


  1. The steer division is subject to all rules listed under the general rules.
  2. The steer cannot weigh over 800 lbs. or less than 400 lbs. when tagged in. Animals will be weighed only once and an entry fee of $20.00 must be paid at this time. Three (3) members of the sales committee will sift severely drawn calves from the show.
  3. Steers must be owned and fed by exhibitors under the supervision of the agri-science instructor or 4-H leader.
  4. Purebreeds or crossed steers of any breed are eligible to enter.
  5. All steers must be halter broken and shown in the show ring unassisted at show time. This rule shall be clarified as follows; if a steer breaks away from the exhibitor twice, without being provoked (as determined by a panel consisting of the show judge, advisors/agents, and the sales committee), then it shall be moved to the bottom of the placing order.
  6. All steers must be weighed in at the mid weigh in. Steers must be halter broken or may be sifted by three (3) members of the sales committee.
  7. All steers must be weighed in on the Wednesday of the week of the show. Steers that fail to make the weigh-in at that time will be released immediately.
  8. All steers must gain at least 2.25 lbs. per day from tag-in through feeding period. Steers that do not gain a minimum of this amount will be sifted by three (3) members of the sales committee.
  9. Any steer not making the minimum weight gain will be backed off the scales, the scales will be checked for balance, and the steer will be reweighed immediately.  Steers will be weighed two times only.
  10. There is no limit on the show weight, steers sold in the auction will be sold for a maximum of 1200 lbs, and the exhibitor will be paid for that amount.
  11. A “Rate of Gain” award will be given to the exhibitor whose steer has the highest average daily gain based on the feeding period. (Date of initial weigh-in until show weigh-in)
  12. Steers may have a maximum of ¼ inch of hair at the time of the official show weigh-in. The only exception will be the switch of the tail. Steers will be checked prior to the time of the weigh-in for conformity to the ¼ inch rule. Those in violation of this rule must have this corrected by the closing of weigh-in.  Any steer not meeting the requirement will be required to remove their steer from the show grounds immediately.
  13. No change of the major color pattern of the animal will be allowed.
  14. Market cattle showmanship will be divided into a junior and senior class. One showman from each class will be selected.
  15. No show aids other than soap and water will be allowed. Violators will not be permitted to show their steer.


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