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About the Dayton FFA

    The Dayton FFA Chapter was established in 1938. Early in 1948 the chapter decided to make plans to build a rodeo arena.The first Dayton FFA Livestock Show and Rodeo was held in 1949. The rodeo pens were made by the Ag students out of the lumber from the old football stadium. Many of the people in the community would donate their roping calves for the rodeo. Due to the expense and difficulty in renting good rodeo stock, the FFA began in 1950, purchasing its own rodeo stock. Since that time they have owned some of the best stock in the South. Later, the rodeo was able to grow on its own. In 1955 it was decided that the old wooden arena would be torn down, and a new metal arena would be built. Over 30,000 feet of pipe were used to construct the facilities. Joe Wisegarber was the individual who loaned the chapter the money to build the arena. As the project show grew, additional show barns were built. In 1970 a youth auction was added to the livestock show by Mr. Jack Carraway to help benefit the youth of Dayton. The first animals to be sold were steers. As of today, we sell steers, commercial heifers, hogs, goats, rabbits, and broilers. Since 1949 over 300 rodeos have been held in the arena and some were aired on national television. In the 2009-2010 year the Dayton FFA was recognized as the third largest chapter in the state of Texas, with 501 members.

Past Presidents of the Dayton FFA Chapter
1949-1950-Mike Ripkowski
1950-1951-Donald Craig
1951-1952-Wentworth Eaton
1952-1953-Darrell Brown
1954-1955-Grady LeBLanc
1955-1956-Roy Seaberg
1956-1957-Robert Smesny
1957-1958-Bubba Haidusek
1958-1959-Jerry Cheerry
1559-1960-Jack Webb
1960-1961-Kenneth Barrett
1961-1962-Harry Jones
1962-1963-Bucky Webb
1963-1964-Joe Barbeaud
1964-1965-Keith Williamson
1965-1966-Doug Butcher
1966-1967-Duke Guthrie
1967-1968-Roy Deane Webb
1968-1969-Robert Jeanes
1969-1970-Eugene Conner
1970-1971-Gene Reed
1971-1972-Gene Reed
1972-1973-Buster Ash
1973-1974-Ken Manning
1975-1976-Terry Beavers
1976-1977-Luke Chachere
1977-1978-Chad Collins
1978-1979-E.J. Wisegerber
1979-1980-Randal Klimitchek
1980-1981-Lee Ann Wisegerber
1981-1982-Kelvin Klimitchek
1982-1983-David Holbrook
1983-1984-Chris Dale
1984-1985-Jeff Chachere
1985-1986-Brett Addington
1986-1987-Pete Thonsgaard
1987-1988-Bill Jones
1988-1989-Tammy Wessels
1989-1990-Raymond Jones
1990-1991-Daniel Greak
1991-1992-Cheryl Arnold
1992-1993-Ricky Short
1993-1994-Brady Hanson
1994-1995-Brian Brightwell
1995-1996-Chris Jones
1996-1997-Matt Hanson
1997-1998-Heith Higginbotham
1998-1999-Joni Guthrie
1999-2000-Sara Blanscet
2000-2001-Marcie Sheffield
2001-2002-Delbert Butcher
2002-2003-Johnathan Cooper
2003-2004-Blake Campbell
2004-2005-Jamie Davis
2005-2006-Brad Chachere
2006-2007-Cheyanne Choate
2007-2008-Joseph Mitchell
2008-2009-Jonathan Chachere
2009-2010-Chad Glatfelter
2010-2011-Catherine Till
2011-2012-Clay Robinson
2012-2013-Leighton Chachere
2013-2014-Jaclyn Robinson
2014-2015 - Mikayla Yates
2015-2016 - Wesley Walker
2016-2017 - Cody Dear
2017-2018 - Brooklynn Wagner

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